Amazing Mosaic Garden: Surprising Designs in Various Techniques (Art and Crafts)

Mosaics can decorate any garden and make any area colorful and beautiful. It’s an anciently rooted art but there are many possibilities and techniques for making it. Making mosaics is a joyful and relaxing activity. You can learn the basics easily, but a firm base is necessary.

Hamsas are a type oThis book will teach you the basic techniques for creating happy and colorful works of mosaic for your garden, yard or balcony. Works that will last for many years. The book contains step-by-step mosaic projects for decorating your garden, such as tables, pot plants, gluing on recycled materials, suspended sparkling spheres or steppingstones, all in an easy-to-understand language and clear instructions.

The book contains:

  • Original projects that teach you how to work, step-by-step in a clear language.
  • Each project has images with it, showing the Work Stages.
  • Different carving methods for glass and ceramics.
  • Tips and easy work advice.
  • A link to download all the patterns for you to use.

This book is for anyone who wants to learn the basis of mosaic making, get work ideas and tips to create a mosaic by themselves.

You’re guaranteed a fun and colorful experience!

This is my ninth mosaic book.

The book is published by Simple Story  – Digital Book Publishing