Stained glass mosaic: Original projects for beginners

Mosaics can be created from various materials, ceramics, dinnerware, polymer clay, beads, etc… Its true magic lies in crafting with glass.
This book will teach you how to work with different types of glass. It contains an assortment of projects with detailed descriptions and images, enabling you to create unique and original mosaics.
In this Book:

  • 14 original projects with clearly worded step-by-step workflow instructions.
  • Each working stage in the project is depicted in images.
  • In the book, projects are arranged from simple to complex.
  • A variety of cutting methods and tips for handling glass.
  • Glass squares and glass panels – differences and how-tos.
  • A secret technique for dyeing glass on your own.

Moreover, you’ll find a link at the end of the book for downloading every example.
This book is intended for beginners or anyone interested in experimenting with glass mosaics.
I guarantee a colorful and enjoyable experience!

The book is published by Simple Story  – Digital Book Publishing