Mosaic glass animals are fun to make

Although I love animals, I don’t have one at home. Instead, I create mosaic pictures of animals. When I make them, I always try to use different materials and think of creative ways to make them.

The following are two dog pictures I made out of stained glass and some broken dishes.

Take a close look at this picture: The dog’s body is made of hand-cut glass parts. In order to add some color, I made the fence from small pieces of colorful plates and caps.
Also, the background is textured – it’s made from colored tile adhesive to give the impression that it’s unsmooth.
It was fun to make this picture, but it was even better when my son hung it in his home.

This dog picture, like the other one, is made of small glass pieces hand-cut. As you can see, the face of the dog is made up of small stick-like parts, while the background is free-style.
I added a gold beads frame and a colored tile adhesive background.
I love his look. I think that if I had a dog, he would look like him.


I’ll love to hear what you think about my dogs, and fill free to send me some of yours…
And don’t forget to use this glass nipper when you cut glass, it’s important to have one in order to make glass pictures.




I wish you success and creativity in all your mosaic works, have fun!

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